Cargo transportation by rail


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Railway transportation:

Cargo transportation by own, rented or general park cars, universal cars covered by 120 m3, 138 m3, 150 m3;
transportation of cargo that cannot be exposed to large swings in temperature by own or rented 918 (908) series covered cars (with a heated body);
transportation of light large volume cargo by 250 m3 CMGV cars for light cargo;
transportation of auto technology and special technology by 250 m3 CMGV cars for universal or fitting platforms;
transportation of cargo by own, rented or general park railway (sea) containers of 20 and 40 feet.

Auto-transport deliveries:

Transportation of small, partial, full cargo by own or partner tows with standard 92 m3 semitrailers and 120 m3 auto-trains;
cargo transportation by own or partner tows with fridge semitrailers (from -20° to + 10°).

Multimodal transportation:

Cargo transportation from Europe to Central Asia and CIS countries by connecting auto-transport with railway cars when reloading in storages in Vilnius or Kaunas;
cargo transportation from Europe or third countries to Central Asia and CIS countries by connecting sea transportation with railways cars in Klaipeda sea port and reloading in storages in Klaipeda.

Cars carrying wagons (Сетка):

We transport light automobiles with model 11-835 cars which are covered cars for the transportation of light vehicles by means of railways. The vehicles are secured with wheel fixations and loaded in two layers. The inside of cars carrying automobiles is designed for loading light vehicles, their protection from mechanical faults and robberies. The falls of cars are fitted with frameworks containing a metal net which is designed for ventilation of the interior of cars from exhaust gases while loading and unloading the vehicles.

We perform the loading of cars carrying automobiles in our terminals located in Kaunas and Marijampole.

Wagons rental:

Our company can offer the long term and short term rental services of the railways cars designed for cargo transportation.

More information about the car types and their technical details is available in /CAR TYPES/

The service of Wagons Rental is highly developed and every year the quality of this service is getting better and more effective. The cargo can be delivered with these cars to/from the railway stations of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and other countries.

All customs and additional services: 

Processing of transportation documents;
re-exportation of cargo;
photo and video of reloading of cargo out of/into the auto-transport, railway cars, storages;
surveyor services;
additional cargo insurance (reduces the risk of cargo recipient and prevents from additional losses when transporting high-value cargo). We recommend to insure the cargo with an additional cargo insurance for the whole value of cargo when the value of cargo in transportation according to purchase documents is higher than 9 euros (8,33 SDR) for 1 kg;
all other services according to the requests by the client.

Transportation of dangerous cargo (ADR):

We offer our services for transportation of dangerous cargo. According to ADR (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road), there are nine provisioned classes of danger (according to danger levels they are determined from 1 to 9). Every danger class has criteria according to which the materials are designated to one or another class. The group of dangerous cargo (ADR) is comprised of cargo that during the period of transportation or storage may become: the reason for illnesses, poisoning, human or animal burns, explosion or fire, as well as influence the breakdowns of other cargo, means of transport, buildings and equipment, pollute the environment. The transportation and storage of this type of cargo requires an appropriate adherence to safety regulations.

Transportation of oversized and heavy cargo:

When transporting oversized or heavy cargo we always are ready to take care of all customs requirements, prepare the plans of transportation, plan the routes, and receive permissions in all countries included in the transportation route. When the length, height or width of cargo exceeds allowed norms it is necessary to receive the permissions in order to start actual transportation. These are difficult projects that take quite a lot of time and they require precise preparation and action planning from the beginning till the end.