Cargo transportation by rail

We organize the export, import, and transit transportation from EU, USA, Lithuania through company terminals in Lithuania to Central Asia, Russia, and other CIS countries by various types of railway cars (containers, covered cars, special cars, semicars, cisterns, etc.)

We transport the cargo with auto-transport from Europe top Lithuania with a reloading in terminals to the cars for further sending off to CIS countries, Central Asia, and vice versa meaning both the order and direction.
We use multimodal cargo transportation by means of railway and ferries in the sea ports of Baltic States.
At the moment we have our own car park, cars carrying automobiles, covered, insulated, and simple cars.

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A wide range of service is one of our main advantages in the company. When we are thinking about a client, we provide the best logistical solutions, conserve your time and guarantee the highest quality of service. 

Railway transportation:
Cargo transportation by own, rented or general park cars, universal cars covered by 120 m3, 138 m3, 150 m3;
transportation of cargo that cannot be exposed to large swings in temperature by own or rented 918 (908) series covered cars (with a heated body);
transportation of light large volume cargo by 250 m3 CMGV cars for light cargo;
transportation of auto technology and special technology by 250 m3 CMGV cars for universal or fitting platforms;
transportation of cargo by own, rented or general park railway (sea) containers of 20 and 40 feet.

Auto-transport deliveries:

Transportation of small, partial, full cargo by own or partner tows with standard 92 m3 semitrailers and 120 m3 auto-trains;
cargo transportation by own or partner tows with fridge semitrailers (from -20° to + 10°).

Multimodal transportation:

Cargo transportation from Europe to Central Asia and CIS countries by connecting auto-transport with railway cars when reloading in storages in Vilnius or Kaunas;
cargo transportation from Europe or third countries to Central Asia and CIS countries by connecting sea transportation with railways cars in Klaipeda sea port and reloading in storages in Klaipeda.

Cars carrying automobiles (Сетка):

We transport light automobiles with model 11-835 cars which are covered cars for the transportation of light vehicles by means of railways. The vehicles are secured with wheel fixations and loaded in two layers. The inside of cars carrying automobiles is designed for loading light vehicles, their protection from mechanical faults and robberies. The falls of cars are fitted with frameworks containing a metal net which is designed for ventilation of the interior of cars from exhaust gases while loading and unloading the vehicles.

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